Organizations must be ready to adapt structurally, culturally, and operationally to shifts in their environment due to cultural, competitive or technology change. This adaptation may be incremental or through full-scale transformation.

Whether you’re looking to devise more dynamic strategies, to drive operational efficiencies, or to create the right conditions for innovation, we have the expertise and experience to help guide and support your mission via the following services:

Strategy Development

We help private and public sector leaders define their vision and guide them through execution. My tailored strategic road-maps achieve your goals despite rapidly changing environments. My Strategy services comprise of:

Strategic Planning for Growth........ Read More

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Marketing & Brand Management

Branding and marketing are joined functions, and can be considered two sides of the same coin. I develop a brand management framework that aligns to your corporate and product values and objectives, and develop the marketing strategy around that based on brand message, customer segmentation and insights. I also develop marketing operations plans including communication, marketing management, sales support, online activities, and public relations.  Read more.

Organization Design

I improve organizational performance by aligning resources to maximize productivity and achieve results in the most efficient way possible. I assess operational and individual performance in light of contribution to strategy and mission. My services comprise of:

  • Organization Re-Balancing
  • Organization Structure
  • Capability Assessment
  • Learning & Development

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Change Management

I help guide organizations as they transform themselves communicating strategically, winning over influencers, and iterating based on frequent stakeholder feedback and analysis. Read more.