Today’s business, demographic, and economic landscapes are constantly evolving. Staying ahead requires more than adopting new technology. It demands a problem solving approach, an outcome-oriented and frugal mindset, and being able to manage internal change all the time.

With a management consulting background of over 20 years I am able to solve your challenges but to spot future possibilities that can be tapped to help you grow. My experience across commercial, nonprofit and government organizations lets me build a multi-function approach to develop a customized solution for you in the following areas:

Strategy Consulting

Whether you’re looking to devise more dynamic strategies, to drive growth, or to create the right conditions for innovation, I have the expertise and experience to guide and support your organization. My strategy services can be applied at corporate level, or for individual businesses or categories; and encompass directional strategy, people and processes, and driving behaviors to achieve goals. Read more.

  • Business Strategy - Growth Strategy (incl Business planning), Product-Market Strategy, Market Entry Strategy
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Organization Design
  • Change Management

Strategic Communications

I work with communications experts to design internal communications and social media campaigns to drive customer and employee engagement, and influence behavior and brand reputation. I provide measured results and insights. Read more.

Program Management

The art and science of planning and monitoring the execution of initiatives and ensuring that people involved understand, support and align to the plan. Read more.