What I Do

"Work hands-on with private, government and non-profit organizations for strategic planning and strategy execution, to achieve the results sought by their senior management and executives."

strategy consultant

I have 20+ years of strategy consulting experience with Big4 consulting firms and global corporates in India, the Middle East, the USA and Japan, I enjoy working with Clients of different sizes and natures, to solve their operating and organizational problems, in a way that they are set up to grow.

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I provide value via problem-solving, new ideas, insights, easy consulting and sustainable solutions.

I can help you with a mix of services, both directly and via my partners:

  • Developing a strategy to build growth and boost profitability
  • Communicating it internally and externally so its understood by all stakeholders
  • Executing it via a well-planned and constantly monitored program
  • Building the organization structure and capabilities that deliver results on an ongoing basis

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Completion of Strategic Planning exercise for NGO in India

Dr Sunita Chugh, well-known consultant and trainer, agrees to partner engagements in the areas of organizational effectiveness